The best parts about our intimates are the things you
can’t see.

We are playing our role
In the revolution of ethical manufacturing
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Because we want our underwear to help eveyone! For us, ethical is non-negotiable and sustainability is mandatory.

That’s why the best parts about our underwear are the things you can’t see.

Each pair of Clubhouse Vivaldi underwear tells the story of the women and men who work behind the scenes to make you the comfiest undies & intimates you’ll ever wear.
Fast food is bad for you
So how is fast fashion
any better?
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We aren’t in this business to make fast fashion. We aren’t here to make cheap, bad for the environment and tiring for the people kind of apparel.

That’s why: The partners we choose are those who celebrate their staff and pay award wages. That’s zero child labour and zero underpaid staff.

Each pair of Clubhouse Vivaldi underwear is designed and made by hand in small batches. So they get the love they deserve to love you back! Try a pair today. Doesn't fit? Don't stress. We are easy with exchanges.